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A very special and slightly sad announcement

Hi everyone!

We have an announcement to make - our live show in London on November 6th is going to be the final episode of Sequel Pitch.

It's a decision that we've made for all of our mental well-beings; we have so much fun recording the show, but finding the time to watch the movies, come up with the pitches, record, edit etc, when we've all got varying amounts of pressure around jobs, children and mental health issues to deal with, we all want to put the show to bed while we're still enjoying it.

This podcast is something we're all extremely proud of. We love the idea, we've built a load of fantastic friendships in the movie critic and podcasting industries, let alone how much it's strengthened our own, we've had some dream guests we wouldn't have expected in our wildest dreams, AND we've had the immense privilege of knowing (because people have told us this, honest!) That we've made something that brings them joy.

So if you've listened to us, told someone else to, supported us, or frankly just tolerated us, we are incredibly grateful. Thank you so much.

And you never know, this might not be the end! There might be a film that we just can't bear not to do an episode on, or we might open the feed up for other people to come on and take it over. We might all just restart it ourselves in a year or two when we're not having such a rough time existing as elder millennials under late stage capitalism and a tory government! So if our RSS feed or format are of interest to you, get in touch, we'll be hanging on to our socials :)

So that's us - if you can make it to London on the 6th we are hoping that it can be a big lovely send of, and celebration of the friends we've made along the way.

Take care of yourselves, we love you

The Sequel Pitch Boys

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As always, our eternal thanks to Captivate for providing our hosting for the show. They are the absolute best and we love them, and if you're serious about starting a podcast and trying to make it into something, they should be your first port of call

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Sequel Pitch
Film fanatics pitch sequels for movies that don't have them in a battle for supremacy!

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Drew Toynbee

Drew is a husband and dad who has been listening to podcasts for ten years and is very excited to have finally come up with an idea for one that people might actually like, which handily ties together his lifelong love of film, and some of his best friends.

When he's not coming up with sequel ideas, editing the show or watching movies, he is a freelance podcast editor and producer with several products on the go, or you can find him spending time with his family and pets, doing DIY, playing Dungeons & Dragons or videogames, or dabbling in a bit of music or amateur dramatics.

If you need a podcast editor or producer, find more information at drewtoynbee.com
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Ross Harmston

Ross is a geek that loves DnD, video games, board games, wrestling and of course he is a huge movie buff. He is a proud member of Sequel Pitch and also The Danger Club an actual play Pathfinder RPG show.
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Matt Rushton

Matt is an actor, gamer, and wannabe Viking. He has used lockdown as the perfect excuse to keep growing his hair!

His favourite way to spend time is through some form of escapism - be that acting, playing an assortment of different characters in Dungeons & Dragons or video games, or simply immersing himself in characters’ lives playing out in movies & TV shows.

He apparently enjoys these even more when he gets to share the experience with his fellow Pitchers!
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Andy Henry

It all started on a cold February morning in 1989, suddenly he was born.

Since then, Andy has loved nothing more than watching movies. He was a film extra when he was younger and now writes, acts and directs his own short films.

He's also a gamer; not a great one but he has a go. He gets too carried away when playing Dungeons and Dragons and is training for next years world Thumb War championship with his gladiator, Donald Thumbp.